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Welcome to Spring Hill, a highly rated residential and memory care community that provides affordable long-term care in Kinston, North Carolina. On a recent trip, we discovered that we had a historic place that will surely delight you. Situated on the banks of the Neuse River, it is one of the oldest cities in the state and offers a wealth of historical sites, from the Civil War to modern history. We saw a lot of war, including the Battle of Fort Sumter and the US Army Corps of Engineers, as well as a number of other military installations.

Visitors can view the steam train - the iron armoured armored tank, one of the warships used by the Confederate Navy during the Civil War. We saw the 26 ships that were commissioned by the Confederate Army, as well as a number of other US Navy ships.

We got to see the remains of the CSS Neuse, an armored gunboat, and learned about the history of its use during the war. We were told the warship was stuck on a sandbank on the Neuse River, but we learned we lived on North Queen Street near the Css in 2012. In 2015 the Civil War Interpretation Centre Neuse was opened and we were accommodated in the remains. Learn more about this ship and other historical artifacts from the Civil War zones in North Carolina and the United States.

This is a restored pre-American Revolution house built in 1772 by Jesse and Elizabeth Cobb, and we arranged a tour of the museum. We told the story of Captain Cobb, who served with George Washington and survived the cold winters in Valley Forge.

Since opening in 2006, Chef Farmer's has become a regional favorite, attracting guests from Raleigh, New Bern and Greenville. The fun things to do in Kinston (and more) are a big reason why you'll be a fan of Brewmaster Mobile's mobile catering service. At the brewery location we are always amazed at how great the people in the community are. Brew masters mobile wedding catering is a way to experience some amazing North Carolina events.

In 2016, I decided that one of my passions and purpose in writing in this room was to show some of the great things about Kinston, North Carolina and its people. So I tried to get back to the east to explore the city and visit my father's day trip. And I went to Windsor together. This post is just the first in a series of posts with more places to visit, so stay tuned as I guide you on a trip to eastern North Carolina every other day.

This is a great place to visit when the weather is not up to scratch, and I loved the New Zealand Nature Center because of the paths we could use. When we visited it was closed due to damage caused by Hurricane Matthew, but it is back in operation.

We had a great time fishing in the Atlantic waters off the coast of Kinston North Carolina. Note that you will need a fishing license to go to this angle, but there are some great fishing spots, such as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Kinston has many entertainment and dining options, making it a great place to live and work. From sporting events to music festivals, concerts, art galleries, restaurants and more, Kinston has much to offer.

Our suggestions for activities in Cherokee, NC are all family friendly, but there are many other great attractions that are fun for all ages. From family-oriented activities to outdoor activities, family fun and more, Kinston has no entertainment options for families. When out on the water, there are plenty of activities along the rivers Neuse, Trent and New Oak.

If you're exploring Kinston, NC, one of these neighborhoods might suit you well. If you like local amenities without having to travel far by foot or car, add this area to your list of explorations. Explore the local farmers market where your children buy healthy food and see where and how local crops are grown.

Considering that an armored gunboat called CSS Neuse occupied the town until it was burned in 1865, the history of the civil war in Kinston lives on. The part of the museum that I find fascinating is the jewelry made of human hair, and you might wonder what that is, but that is something to look at when exploring KinSTON. The CSSNeuse was the ironclads artillery used in Kinston during the 18th century civil war, responsible for the destruction of several buildings and the loss of more than 100 lives.

During our visit we saw where some of the heaviest fighting took place, and this is just the beginning. We also explored the art, dug into the fantastic Kinston food scene, learned a little about the history and history of what we saw in KinSTON, as well as some other interesting facts about our trip.

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More About Kinston