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When it comes to North Carolina - with its famous chefs - chef Vivian Howard leads the field, and many people know her as the chef of my life. I don't always shop around for chefs, but after a good meal at the Boiler Room restaurant, I decided to visit the main restaurant, Chef Farmer. I had forgotten my chance to visit Chef Farmer, but when I got out and visited him, we all agreed that something amazing was coming out of the kitchen.

I found the menu full of taste and I stayed another few hours, with a great view of the river and beautiful countryside, as well as good food.

As for the Tar Heel State, you may be a Westerner, but I've never found a place to serve barbecues and sabres on giant hushpuppy buns anywhere else. Western pork shoulder, I enjoyed the style with tomato sauce, and the other way puppy enjoys the shape of a grill king is with cooked pork ribs.

With 12 local restaurants in Kinston, people living nearby have plenty of options. If you live in the area, are passing through, are staying for a weekend or are thinking about a Kinston restaurant that is worth your next meal, check out our list of the top 12 restaurants in North Carolina.

In this guide you will find a list of must-see restaurants in Kinston, a guide to some of the best restaurants in North Carolina, and of course we will share our thoughts on the great Chef Farmer. Anyone familiar with the life of the PBS boss has probably heard of what is called "Chef Farmer." Owners Vivian Howard and Ben Knight teamed up to open the restaurant in 2013.

The restaurant opened its doors in 2006 and offers homemade food from local farmers as well as a wide selection of local craft beers and wines.

The great thing about Chef Farmer's is that all their food is as seasonal and as regional as possible. Sustainably made ingredients from local farmers are what make summer pizza special, and the great thing about the food is the seasonal and local ingredients.

I love that this family-run restaurant is committed to being as close to the source as possible to enhance the flavor of its dishes. I personally know the whole animal butchery business and they get their produce from local farms, including Pridgen's, as well as from their own farm to the table.

A meal at Chef Farmer's is a life experience that continues to convince many people to visit Kinston. It is also full of amazing finds and you will have to return to this place more than once. When the season ends, this Lenoir County restaurant will try to move forward and survive because there are so many great restaurants in the area with great food and great service.

In addition to delicious sandwiches, Queen Street Deli also offers a wide selection of desserts including biscuits, cakes, cakes and ice cream. If you're in Kinston for a weekend and want caramel brownies to melt in your mouth, this delicious restaurant offers some of the most delicious desserts in the area.

If you like seafood, I would recommend non-grillers to try the prawns, flounder and oysters and roast them if desired. If you can't imagine it, you know that friends and family members who don't like barbecues exist in your own family, and if you have them and prepare them a special meal, they'll have a great time with you.

As soon as you are greeted and waited by the friendly staff, order a whole cake or just a piece, sip a good drop and enjoy a sandwich, soup, salad or deli food. You can also choose from a selection of sandwiches, soups, salads and delicacies and pick up a bottle of wine or a glass of beer or wine of your choice.

Note: Chef Vivian returns to PBS screens with her new series Somewhere South, which returns on Friday, March 27. If you are already a fan of it, this special dinner is a thrill and we strongly recommend you make a reservation to secure your place for the dinner. Chef Farmer has 70 seats, so we're looking forward to what he does with the normal dinner menu.

In the show we will delve into the history of the South, from the beginnings of cooking to today and the food of today. Vivian takes advantage of the chef's modern sensibilities in a series of interviews with local chefs, restaurant owners and food writers from around the country.

After eating at the first restaurant in Kinston, I can confirm that the food is dynamic and, above all, delicious.

James Beard - a renowned chef who combines his Lenoir County roots with his culinary creativity and focuses on the recipes he eats and prepares. With recipes from his award-winning restaurants, this cookbook celebrates the region Vivian has discovered all his life. He is also the author of two cookbooks, "The North Carolina Cookbook" and "Vivian's Kitchen," and has broken bread and discovered whiskey in small quantities while greeting hordes of fans from several states.

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