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This post is part of our ongoing posting series about our favorite places in North Carolina and the other places we visit. We invite artists in and around North Carolina to create marshmallow masterpieces from peeps that represent a favorite place you've visited.

For more information about Foscue House Plantation, please visit her Facebook page or call 252-224-1803.

If you're looking for a little more history, visit Lejeune Memorial Gardens, located just a few blocks from the Foscue House Plantation on the west side of the street. It is conveniently located near top attractions including the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina State Fair and Appalachian Trail. There are more than 300 miles of cycle paths and all roads are open to mountain bikers unless otherwise stated. We have a number of hiking and cycling trails as well as trails for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

White Oak River Campground and Lakes, 7660 New Bern Highway in Maysville, is a great way to spend a sunny day. Those who are out on the water will find plenty of activities along the rivers Neuse, Trent and New Oak.

This is a great place to take the children when the weather is not good as it is a museum for children from toddlers to the age of 10 years. This is the restored house before the American Revolution, built in 1772 by Jesse and Elizabeth Cobb. Share the story of Captain Cobb, who served under George Washington and survived the cold winters at Valley Forge. The museum organizes guided tours and you can share the Cobb family's story by telling stories from their lives, serving with GeorgeWashington, and surviving a cold winter in ValleyForge.

The Neuser Civil War Interpretation Center opened in 2015 and according to its website, the museum's watercraft center is located on the site of a former watercraft factory from the early 19th century. There is a fishing license you need to go to this corner, but it is one of the best places for hiking and a great place for picnics. I have lived on North Queen Street (CSS) since 2012 and this is my favorite place in North Carolina for hiking, camping, fishing or just having fun.

Interactive learning for children and adults of all ages can be carried out in the Nature Park New Zealand without any problems. Children can play with miniature replicas of UNC Lenoir Hospital and take a look into underground tunnels shaped like human blood vessels.

On a recent trip, I discovered that we have a place in history that will surely inspire you: the North Carolina Civil War Memorial Center in Kinston, NC. If you consider that an armored ship called CSS Neuse occupied the city until it burned down in 1865, we have experienced Civil War history. Even a visit to this monumental center makes one think about the American Civil War as if it had just happened. The war can be seen from all sides, including the battle lines of the Battle of Fort Sumter and the battlefields of Gettysburg, Fort Meade and Fort Bragg.

Another part of the museum that I found fascinating was the jewelry made of human hair, but this is just the beginning. We also explored the art, digested the fantastic Kinston food scene, learned about the history of local businesses and the history of the city in general, as well as its history as a city and an industrial centre.

If you're still curious, read on to see why this place is on my NC bucket list and why you should come here next weekend. I will be back in a few weeks to get more information about one of the most interesting places in North Carolina, and I am still curious.

The New Zealand Nature Park is a good place to visit if you ever want to rethink the beauty of nature. According to the website, the museum's watercraft center is located in the center of the park, just a few meters from the beach and a few hundred meters from a waterfall. It is a museum for children from toddlers to 10 years of age, but there are many places to take the children when the weather is not good.

There are many tourist attractions that bring people to the city, but the highlight of the park are the intersections called "Intersections," which depict Kinston's history and its history as a city in North Carolina. Downtown there are also a number of locally owned shops, including the local grocery store, a café and several restaurants. Inaugurated in 2015, the course crosses eight counties in eastern North Carolina and is the main feature of the course: Music Park is located in the city center, just a few meters from the beach and the river.

There's nothing like buying fresh produce, and you can do that in Kinston by eating with Vivian Howard's upscale chef Farmer. The friendly staff and friendly atmosphere make this hotel a great place to enjoy a delicious meal in Goldsboro or sample a unique beer. Whether you're in town or sitting back at Kinston's King's Restaurant with a good barbecue, there are plenty of ways to fill your stomach.

More About Kinston

More About Kinston